[pptp-server] PoPToP w/MPPE vs Macintosh OSX

Rob Marlow rmarlow at library.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jun 24 20:52:05 CDT 2002

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> Subject: Re: [pptp-server] PoPToP w/MPPE vs Macintosh OSX
> This is the first I've heard of any such problems, so I would 
> not say it's being looked into on the pptpd side.  I have to 
> guess at this point that the problem is with the mac clients. 
>  Have you gotten either to work against a MS RRAS server that 
> only accepts MS-CHAPv2?  Does it work without MPPE?

Oh poop. I thought one of the developers at least may have said
something about it. Nevermind.

I don't have access to a MS RRAS server. My ability to test is further
limited by the fact that I have to book any macintosh equipment off the
arts department (I work in a university) for testing and don't have root
access on the PPTP server. Unfortunately this severely limits my ability
to play around with this thing as you can imagine.

> Can you add 'debug' and 'dump' to the ppp options file and send a log?

Again I don't have access to the equipment to provide an up to date log
of the problem but I did prepare one several months earlier.

Here's the PPTP server sending its auth challenge:

--start log segment--
Mar 20 09:46:49 phlegethon pppd[27267]: sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1
<asyncmap 0x0> <auth chap 81> <ma gic 0x895a02> <pcomp> <accomp>] Mar 20
09:46:49 phlegethon pppd[27267]: Timeout 0x80519e8:0x8084220 in 3
--end log segment--

My mistake: the auth challenges are LCP, not CCP of course. Gracion
posted something about a Linux CCP bug on their compatibility page for
DigiTunnel and I thought it was related. Here's the PPTP server giving
up after challenging too many times with no response:

--start log segment--
Mar 20 09:46:55 phlegethon pppd[27267]: LCP: timeout sending
Config-Requests Mar 20 09:46:55 phlegethon pppd[27267]: Connection
terminated. Mar 20 09:46:55 phlegethon pppd[27267]: Exit.
--end log segment--

I couldn't make much sense out of the logs on the client end to figure
out where the relevant info was.

That may or may not be helpful (I imagine it's probably not that
helpful). If you do need more information I'll see what I can do about
borrowing that macintosh again and getting the log verbosity increased.

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