RES: [pptp-server] Is PoPToP dead?

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Mon Mar 18 19:05:14 CST 2002

As was mentioned almost a year ago, I will be happy to help do updates,
and maintenance on a website.  If the site were moved to Allen's server
I'd be happy to mirror it (100 Mbit pipe, Dual 450 PIII's, 1 gig RAM,
lotso disk space, etc.).  I don't have a problem with whoever hosts, it,
but it's next to impossible to go to the website, download usable source
and install it anymore.  The source has changed drastically the HOWTO's
are old (and for old distributions/kernels) and the installation
procedure in general is too difficult.  I would be happy to to help with
some of these things.

On an aside, the pptpclient uses ppp-mppe as well, is it the same code
or do we have dueling efforts going on (and also conflicting packages)?

Chris Tooley

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 23:30, James Cameron wrote:
> Allan Clark wrote:
> > OK, if you can answer me one thing:
> > On sourceforge, where is the button to say "remove my project"?
> Yes, that lack of control is distasteful.  It prevents me putting my
> personal projects there.
> It seems reasonable that to prevent data loss, and to encourage
> continued use of the service, that project removal is a support
> request.  Compaq has been able to delete projects in order to rename
> them.  I do not recall being able to remove one.
> > As I recall, there's no way to move it *off* sourceforge if their
> > policies continue to move towards the commercial side of things.
> Yes, that is certainly a risk.  In the Netrek serve project, we have
> maintained our CVS tree and web site separate to SourceForge at my
> recommendation.  But Netrek is in maintenance mode, and pptpclient is
> more recent.  The needs of the projects differ.
> The pptpclient project on SourceForge is sponsored by Compaq.  That may
> have involved a contract ... I cannot say myself, because I do not know.
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