[pptp-server] Total frustration - help pls!

Bo Byrd byrdr at corp.earthlink.net
Tue Mar 19 14:00:12 CST 2002

I got mine running just a few days ago...I had to create /etc/pptpd.conf
and /ppp/options as well.
You don’t hgave to worry about pppd. I just use inittab to start pptpd
by the following:

s2:35:respawn:/usr/src/sbin/pptpd -f

Heres the links that got mine working:




If you want to connect a network behind a linux router to another
network behind another linux router then you will probably rather want
to use FreeSWAN.  It uses IPSec (SHA1/3DES) instead of MPPE-128 which is
RC-4 based.

Good luck (I guess I was lucky it tooke me a few recompiles and OS
reloads experimenting with both rh71 and mdk81 till I finally got it


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OK, I must admit I'm probably a total moron, but here's my problem:

I've been using Linux for quite some time for routing and firewalling,
so when it's time to start messing with VPN's I thought I'd just look
around the net to find the answers and just go nuts - guess this was
tougher than that...

I have a Redhat 7.2 with a 2.4.9-31 kernel. I've patched and recompiled
the kernel with the openssl patch. I've patched the pppd-2.4.1 sources
and installed those. Also installed the latest poptop. Now comes the
questions - stupid or not:

* After installing everything I notice there's no /etc/pptpd.conf file.
I created it myself instead. Did my install fail, or is that as it
should be?

* Does pptpd make use, and start, pppd or should pppd be started also?
Good scripts to autostart these?

* Any comprehensive docs out there? I noticed poptop seems to be moving
to sourceforge, and I can't find any docs.

* Anyone else out there who's gone through this recently? I want to set
up a server that accepts Win2k pptp clients, but would also like to try
out connecting two networks through two linux boxes.

Any hints, ideas desperately welcome! Any archives out there where I can
find similar questions and their answers? And go easy on me please....

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