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7.3.10.	The VPN link works for a while, but then stops working,
	and the /var/log/debug file shows the following:
		pppd[10544]: rcvd [Compressed data] 10 32 ae 68 c0 8e e1 92 ...

	Solution: Patch the /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/ppp_mppe.c file with
	the patch:

	and then recompile and reinstall the ppp_mppe.o module

7.3.11. The VPN link works for a while, but then stops working,
	and the /var/log/debug file shows messages like the following:
		pppd[11170]: sent [LCP ProtRej id=0xb 51 19 ...
		pppd[11170]: rcvd [proto=0xbe1b] df 60 4e 4e ...
		pppd[11170]: Unsupported protocol 0xbe1b received
	(where the hex data and the protocol numbers may vary)

	This is probably caused by dropped packets with mppe running in
	stateful mode (i.e. mppe-stateless disabled).  In stateful mode,
	decryption of a packet requires successful decryption of the previous
	packet.  In stateless mode, a packet can always be decrypted as long
	as the sequence number is known.

	Solution: add the "mppe-stateless" option to the /etc/ppp/options.pptp

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> Subject: [pptp-server] Windows 2000 connection stability?
> We are running PoPToP and connecting to it via the Windows 2000
> VPN client.
> At first the connections works great but after about 5 minutes no more
> packets are forwarded from the Linux box. We have traced the
> connection and
> all the packets make it to the PoPToP box but none are returned. As I said
> it works great for about 5 minutes then it dies.
> Any Thoughts??
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